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Student Profile: Jennifer Ammenti  ☆

Although it was hard to leave the classroom after teaching for 10 years in her native home of California, Jennifer Ammenti feels that she made the right choice to come to Teachers College. Ammenti, who will graduate this spring with an Ed.M. in History and Education, sought out Teachers College in part because of her …

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Doctoral Student Barry Goldenberg Featured in TC Graduate Gallery 

Originally published in TC People on 7/1/13 Barry Goldenberg: The Bus Stops Here Growing up in a suburb of St. Louis, Barry Goldenberg never thought he would end up in New York City pursuing a graduate degree in education. But he now looks back on his high school years at Parkway Central in Chesterfield, Missouri, …

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Featured Alumnus Profile: George Levesque, Ph.D. 

George Leveque, currently Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and a lecturer in the History Department at Yale University, was drawn to the History and Education program at Teachers College because the program allowed him to combine his professional interests in university teaching and administration. Unlike most graduate programs in history, which usually focus primarily on …

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Honoring a Champion of the History of Education 

“Larry Cremin was a magical teacher,” says Trustee Sue Ann Weinberg (Ed.D. ’97). “He was so widely read, and he had such a broad understanding of education.” To honor the former TC President and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, who was also her dissertation adviser, Sue Ann has given a substantial gift that honors Lawrence Cremin’s vision …

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Graduate Spotlight: Janice Marciano Nimetz, History and Education 

Janice Marciano Nimetz graduated this May with her PhD in History and Education. Nimetz has taught piano at the Emma Willard School for several years and plans to continue teaching there. Nimetz, who has also studied Musicology, hopes to find more places of intersection for her two passions: music and history. Nimetz, who wrote her dissertation …

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Research Spotlight: History and Education’s Cassandra E. Virgin 

This past fall, Cassandra Virgin traded in her finance career at Goldman Sachs for a spot in the History and Education Master’s program.  “I hit the ground running.  I wanted to use the semester to find out if I wanted to go to law school or business school next, and TC provides that nexus of …

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Meet Barry – An Activist, Optimist, and Dreamer 

Greetings to all the activists, optimists, and dreamers! My name is Barry Goldenberg, and I am a 1st year student at Teachers College, pursuing a Master of Arts in History and Education. When I was asked to write a guest post telling my “story” on the TC Admissions blog, I was excited, yet humbled at …

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The Rhetoric of Choice: Segregation, Desegregation, and Charter Schools 

Writing in the Fall 2011 issue of Dissent Magazine, History and Education Assistant Professor Ansley Erickson argues that a common thread links the current rhetoric of “school choice” and opposition to court-ordered busing for desegregation 40 years ago. Originally posted by Amy Lombard at

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New Faculty Profile: Ansley Erickson 

After teaching at Syracuse University for the past year, Dr. Ansley Erickson is returning to NYC, where she lived and worked for 11 years. It’s a move that feels like coming home. A Columbia graduate, she is pleased to be joining TC’s Arts & Humanities faculty. “I am excited about the tremendous intellectual resources available …

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Spotlight on Antonia Abram: Ph.D. Student and The Children’s Aid Society Arts Director 

Antonia is a doctoral student in History and Education, and is the Arts Director for The Children’s Aid Society, one of the nation’s largest non-sectarian agencies, founded to serve New York City’s neediest children. What brought you to TC? I started at TC in 2003 in the Master’s program in History and Education and came …

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